Hand salve and lotion from Vermont $10.99-$11.99

Vermont relish $6.49-$7.49

Veggie pot pie-$8.99 (13 oz) $28.99 (48 oz)

Pure maple syrup made in Orange! Pint=$14.00/quart =$21.00/half gal. =$35.00. Pancake mix in Buttermilk or apple-cinnamon is $7.99

Goat milk soap from Barre, Ma. $6.95 per bar. Call for current scents (unscented available)

Trail Head Camelbak water bottles, assorted colors 750ml $15.99 each

CBD tincture, capsules and balm. Call for availability & pricing

Insect repellent from Connecticut-$7.99

Macaroni & cheese, small is $9.99 (1 lb), large is $13.99 (1 1/2 lbs)

Veggie pot pies-$8.99 for small (13 oz), $28.99 for large (3 lbs.)

Pickles from Vermont! $6.49-$8.99

Mushroom pot pies-$8.99 for small (13 oz), $28.99 for large (48 oz)

Lasagna is $12.50 for 1 1/2 lbs

Local honey 2 lb=$20/1 lb=$10/8oz=$6. Tea Guys tea=$7.99. Call for current flavors.

Environmentally friendly laundry strips. Safe for HE machines=$14.95

Local Dean's Bean's organic coffee. Assorted blends-$11.95 per 1 lb bag (ground only)

Camp mix-$3.99 each

Pretzels from New Hampshire available in cinnamon sugar, ranch dill or feisty hot. $4.99 for 8oz bag

Hand sanitizer made in Orange= $5.99 for 4 oz

Large & small turkey pot pies from Diemand Farm. Large are $21.99 for 32 oz. Small are $8.99 for 10oz. Turkey noodle soup is $11.99 per quart.

1 South Main Street  Orange, Massachusetts

‚Äč‚ÄčTrail Head is open 9a-6p Monday through Saturday and until 7pm on Thursday nights. We are open for "in store shopping" & curbside pickup.

Jams & jellies from Vermont $5.99-$6.95

Virginia Peanuts $6.95 /assorted flavors